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Who Killed Dina Racheti? - Pic 23 by HectorNY
Who Killed Dina Racheti? - Pic 23
Lenny and Ivy Little were a couple that work together to make ends meet. Lenny owns a bar in which he's a bartender while Ivy is the landlady of The Hole they live in. They are hoping that the production of the movie Tony Racheti's promoting will provide some added income. The SJD meet the Littles in a break room since the youngsters themselves can't go inside the casino.

Lenny: We hope we can help you with this. When I heard about the murder, we knew we would be suspected since we all were at one time with Dina Racheti.

 Marcus: You were with Max Fineflugle at the Factory. Anyone else?

Lenny: I was also with Lucy Tumble and Candy Roll. We were all with Max there.

 Keeta: Any idea where the murderer went?

Lenny: I did see some guy go to the West Side of town. I was in the West Side as well.

Ivy: I was Downtown. 

Lily: Were you in the vicinity of the Museum and the Theater? We learned that the killer went there.

Ivy: I believe I was there. But I don't remember who else was there though.

 Chibikit: At least we have two more people to talk to.

 Marcus: We better head for our room and see what pieces can be put together. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Little.

Lenny: We hope you can help the police catch that killer.

Krystal model by :icon CharleyFox: and :iconldragon:

Marcus McCloud model by :icon UnrealFox:
Who Killed Dina Racheti? - Pic 22 by HectorNY
Who Killed Dina Racheti? - Pic 22
It wasn't long before the SJD gathered together at a local restaurant for lunch and to compare notes. As they share a pizza they ordered they discuss the case.

Majokka: So Ripp Rapp was with Eileen Stellar Tony Racheti and Joan Fineflugle at the Embassy uptown.

Marcus: That's right. And the murder weapon was a .45 caliber pistol found at the Factory.

Lily: According to Max Fineflugle, the weapon has an even set of prints.

Chibikit: Let's not forget that the killer was seen within a vicinity of a Museum or a Theater.

Keeta: If this is true, then Ripp, Eileen, Tony and Joan are all innocent since they were all at the Embassy.

Marcus: Then we have to find out who were at the Art Museum and at the Theater. That would help narrow down the list.

Chibikit: The next person we should talk to would be Lenny Little.

Marcus: Yes, and his wife, Ivy is also on the suspect list. Ivy runs the Hole Casino and Lenny is a bartender there. I guess talking to both of them will cover some more ground.

Lily: All right. So we visit the Littles next.

Krystal model by :iconcharleyfox: and :iconldragon:

Marcus McCloud model by :iconunrealfox: 
Who Killed Dina Rachetti? - Pic 21 by HectorNY
Who Killed Dina Rachetti? - Pic 21
The Fineflugles were a couple who are very well off. Max is a movie producer and his wife Joan is an accountant who helps balance the books. When Chibikit, Majokka and Lily arrived at their home, the Fineflugles took them to their library so that they discuss what they know about Dina Racheti's murder.

 Chibikit: Impressive library. You do a lot of reading?

Joan: Max likes to be very thorough in his research what producing his films. Right now he's researching on a new Sci-fi film and we tend to get into the mood by dressing for the atmosphere. You heard of method actors? Well, Max is a method producer.

 Lily: That explains why you two are dressed like the Jetsons. We know that you were with Tony Racheti, Ripp Rapp and Eileen Stellar at the Embassy.

Joan: That's right. I was there uptown.

 Majokka: Is there anything that we should know?

Joan: I have learned that police found a .45 Caliber pistol in the vicinity of the factory that Max was at.

Max: I can vouch for that. I was with Lenny Little there and there was a report of an even set of fingerprints on the .45.

Joan: Also I heard that the murderer went to a certain vicinity. That area has two likely places. A museum where an Art Exhibit has taken place and a Theater.

Max: I'm sure if you talk with Lenny Little and his wife Ivy at The Hole, they should help you find out more.

Chibikit: Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Fineflugle. I guess we will be paying a visit to the Littles next.

Majokka: But first we better meet with Marcus and Keeta and tell them what we know.

Lily: That's right. Not to mention what they have learn from Ripp Rapp. And I am getting hungry.

Chibikit: That's right. Let's head for lunch.
Another Overweight Sign by HectorNY
Another Overweight Sign
Bagi gives another sign of being overweight here.

Bagi (c) Tezuka
Rayder by HectorNY
Last time we saw this car Mimzy was using it to deliver a birthday cake. Now she proudly shows the Rayder, a futuristic luxury transport that is also built for speed. What other features are in this car? Right now that's classified so you may have to use your imagination.

Forced to Take a Hiatus

Mon Mar 16, 2015, 12:08 AM
I may have to take a hiatus because my desktop computer suddenly went out on me. Every time I try to boot it up, all I get is the Dell logo and nothing else. I just spent three hours on the phone trying to get this problem fixed and nothing is helping. If I don't get this problem fixed then I'm afraid all the work I have put together will be lost. Five months of work will be destroyed. Hopefully something can be done about this in the morning or I'll have to put everything together all over again.  I just hope I can at least save my data.

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Hector Montalvo
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As you can see, I enjoy baseball, as well as cartooning and music. I do tend to put all three together in fan fictions that I write. Right now I'm in the middle of writing one. Whether I post it here remains to be seen.

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