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A Sudden Thought by HectorNY
A Sudden Thought
Foxy Fred and Shiruba were enjoying each other's company as they walk holding hands and tails. But as they cross a bridge, they suddenly stop in the middle of it. Shiruba looks at what's ahead and looks somewhat afraid.

FF: Is something wrong, Shiruba?

Shiruba: Yes. I remember that this bridge leads to a road that  forks in two directions. Both ways lead to my village but one is shorter than the other.

FF: What's the difference?

Shiruba swallows hard.

Shiruba: The short route tends to be dangerous at this time of night for some unnatural reason. The longer route is more safe.

FF: If that a problem we'll take the long route.

Shiruba: That's the problem. I don't recall which road is the correct road.

So Shiruba and Fred are faced with a dilemma.  Which road should they take?

Should they go left or right?
Through The Fire and Flames by HectorNY
Through The Fire and Flames

On a cold winter morning
In a time before the light.
In flames of death's eternal reign,
We ride towards the fight.

When the darkness has falling down
and the times are tough alright
The sound of evil laughter,
Falls around the world tonight.

Fightin' hard, fightin' on for the steel,
Through the wastelands evermore.
This scattered souls will feel the hell,
bodies wasted on the shores.

On the blackest plains in hell's domain,
We watch them as they go.
In fire and pain, and once again we know.

So now we're flying we're free,
We're free before the thunderstorm.
Hunt towards the wilderness,
Our quest carries on.

Far beyond the sun down, far beyond the moonlight.
Deep inside our hearts and all our souls.

So far away we wait for the day,
For the lives all so wasted and gone.
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days,
Through the fire and the flames we carry on

As the red day is dawning
and the lightning cracks the sky.
we'll raise our hands
to the heavens above
With resentment in their eyes.

Running back through the midmorning light,
there's a burning in my heart.
We're banished from a time in the foreign land,
To a life beyond the stars.

In your darkest dreams see to believe our destiny this time
And endlessly we'll all be free tonight

And on the wings of a dream so far beyond reality.
All alone in desperation, now the time has come.
Lost inside you'll never find, lost within my own mind,
Day after day this misery must go on.

So far away we wait for the day,
For the lives all so wasted and gone.
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days,
Through the fire and the flames we carry on

Whooaaaaa, Whoooaaaaa, Whooooaaaoooaaooo 
Whooaaaaa, Whoooaaaaa, Whooooaaaoooaaooo    

Now here we stand with their blood on our hands.
We fought so hard, now can we understand.
I'll break the seal of this curse if I possibly can.
For freedom of every man.

So far away we wait for the day,
For the lives all so wasted and gone.
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days,
Through the fire and the flames we carry on

Lyrics by Dragonforce…
Discovery 137 by HectorNY
Discovery 137
Another day of cave dwelling has Fox and Krystal discovering a rather enormous gemstone.

Krystal: Look at the size of it! It's as big as the Master Emerald.

Fox: I do remember Rachidna Firestorm mention to us that there were seven of these large gem. We did help deliver the Master Emerald back to Angel Island.

Krystal: And Rachidna has the Gold Zircon.

Fox: But we don't know what became of the Shadow Ruby.

Krystal: Could this be one of the remaining Four?

Fox: If this Sapphire is, we better take it back to the base for safe keeping. Rachidna did say that if we find any of them to keep it in safe keeping.

Krystal: We better it placed in a special vault for safe keeping. Wouldn't put this next to the Power Emerald. Sky wing would make a double bed out of it.

Fox: Until then, let's contact the base and have it ready to be stored to a safe place.

Krystal model by :iconcharleyfox: and :iconldragon:

Fox McCloud model by :iconunrealfox:
Bird's Eye View by HectorNY
Bird's Eye View
From a high vantage point, a certain individual surveys a certain place.

"Hmmmm. So this is the Alphabase. Looks rather formidable. Those steel doors would certainly hold back Murray. Those security towers certainly mean business. I'll bet they have a computer system so sophisticated that not even Bentley could hack it. Oh, who's this? She's as adorable as Carmelita. That blue fur certainly makes her exotic. The guy who's with her must be her boyfriend or husband. I wonder it she and Carmelita are related? They could pass for sisters. Well, one thing's for sure. From what I heard they go after thieves and crooks. Maybe one day I can learn more about this group. I wouldn't mind a little espionage."

Model by :iconimago3d: 
A Late Entry by HectorNY
A Late Entry
Looks as if Satrina is getting into the Halloween Spirit by dressing as silver alien. Judging from the the look on her face, she clearly up to something and who knows what that ray gun she's holding is capable of doing. Perhaps it's best that we don't know.
Imagine a Tim Burton animation splashed with bold, bright colour and you'll have some idea of what to expect from Book of Life. Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro is a producer on the film, which is inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. It follows Mexican troubadour and reluctant bullfighter Manolo (Diego Luna) through three dimensions - the Lands of the Living, the Dead and the Forgotten - driven by his love for local beauty Maria (a sassy Zoë Saldana). Channing Tatum voices Manolo's bumptious pal Joaquin, who also aims to make Maria his wife, and he ups the laugh count by striving to prove his macho credentials. Writer/director Jorge R Gutierrez keeps the story simple, but tackles the subject of death with glorious gusto, never patronising younger viewers and using humour to lighten the darker passages without falling back on postmodern gags. With vividly drawn characters and psychedelic landscapes of incredible depth and detail, Book of Life will transport you to other worlds.

On a scale from 1 - 10, Book of Life gets an 9.

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Hector Montalvo
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As you can see, I enjoy baseball, as well as cartooning and music. I do tend to put all three together in fan fictions that I write. Right now I'm in the middle of writing one. Whether I post it here remains to be seen.

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RonicWarihog Featured By Owner 6 days ago… 21 years ago today....great day for me as a fan of them. =)
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I think that the instant fan reaction from Joe Carter's blast that night, which I call a 'crowd pop', may have been the loudest in MLB history.

SkyDome HAD to be physically shaking after that.

HectorNY Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist
That's understandable. The same can be said for the old Metrodome in Minnesota when the Twins won it all in '87 and '91. In one World Series Broadcast they set up a decibel meter to measure the crowd noise and how loud it can be. Kent Hrbek hit a grand slam that particular game and the roar of the crowd broke the meter.
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