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About Hobbyist Artist Official Beta Tester Hector MontalvoMale/United States Groups :iconoliverandcompany: oliverandcompany
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Lightning Aftermath by HectorNY
Lightning Aftermath
It wasn't long before Harvey was taken to Sick Bay. An hour later, Fox and Krystal met up with Bagi who was coming to see them. Soon all three of three were walking down the aisles to Sick Bay.

Fox: How is Harvey, Bagi?

Krystal: Is he going to be fine?

Bagi: He's going to recover. But he's not going to be the same.

Fox: What do you mean by that?

Krystal: Did he somehow get disfigured by that jolt?

Bagi: You'll have to come with me and see for yourself. When he literally caught lightning in a bottle, it did bring a change in him.

Fox: What kind of change?

Bagi: You have to see it to believe it.

Krystal: All right. Lead the way, Bagi.

Krystal model by :iconcharleyfox: and :iconLDragon;

Fox McCloud model by :iconunrealfox:

Bagi (c) Tezuka
Happy Birthday ShadowQwerty64 by HectorNY
Happy Birthday ShadowQwerty64
Happy Birthday to :iconshadowqwerty64: And here we have Drossel delivering the cake. May it be a great day for you.

Drossel (c) Disney/Jinni
The next Starfox Earth story is going to have an interesting twist. In this story, it will involve an OC from a fellow Deviant. Now you will vote on which character will be guest-starring in the story. You can find these characters in my Gallery.
14 deviants said James, Alexia and Lilly by Froexd
6 deviants said Ralton by Hokins000
3 deviants said Dusk Windblade by Kulchek
3 deviants said Sora Dazzel by LotoSoretsen
3 deviants said Other (must be an OC I would know)
2 deviants said Delilah by awash2002
2 deviants said Racer Rabbit by ThEvstar
Shocking Result by HectorNY
Shocking Result
The clouds above form to create a menacing mass. Then suddenly a bolt of lightning comes down and hits the bottle Harvey was raising as if it was a lightning rod. The jolt carried through Harvey knocking him unconscious. Fox and Krystal are totally shocked at the sight.

Fox and Krystal: HARVEY!!!

The McClouds soon ran over to Harvey who was lying motionless on the floor. Krystal turns on her communicator.

Krystal: Bagi, we have an emergency!

Krystal model by :iconcharleyfox: and :iconldragon:

Fox McCloud model by :iconunrealfox:
Making A Wish by HectorNY
Making A Wish
When Harvey returned to the Alphabase, he decided to test out the potion that he chose from the cave. Remembering the instructions given to him, Harvey then removed the stopper and drank the contents. Then raising the now empty bottle, Harvey makes his wish.

Harvey: I wish to be a better bunny than I am.

Just then, Fox and Krystal coming out of the vanguard after an inspection and noticed Harvey.

Krystal: What is the world is Harvey doing?

Fox: And why is he holding that bottle up?

Just then strange clouds were forming over the base. Fox and Krystal notices.

Fox: Wait a minute. How did the sky get cloudy all of a sudden?

Krystal: Yes, those clouds don't look good.

Krystal model by :iconcharleyfox: and :iconldragon:

Fox McCloud model by :iconunrealfox:

A Little Card Trick You can Do

Wed Nov 11, 2015, 6:55 PM
Here's a card trick you can try by yourself or in front of others. Follow these instructions carefully and you can do this effect.

1. Get a deck of cards and deal 14 cards from the deck. Put the rest of the deck away. 
2. From these 14 cards, make a pile spelling out your name or nickname but the pile cannot be more than six cards. For example, if your name is Jim, deal three cards. If it's Ellen, deal five cards.
3. Now make a second pile the same way as the first pile. You should now have two piles on the table and the remaining cards still in your hand.
4. Choose one of the piles and discard it.
5. Look at the top card of your remaining pile and remember it. Place that card on top of the cards you still have in your hand. Then place the rest of the pile on the table on top of the cards in your hand.
6. Now spelling out the phrase "I am magic", take the top card of your pile and place it on the bottom of your pack. You do this for each letter of the phrase.
7. Now from your pack, deal the first five cards.
8. Turn over the next card. It will be the card you remembered.

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Hector Montalvo
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
As you can see, I enjoy baseball, as well as cartooning and music. I do tend to put all three together in fan fictions that I write. Right now I'm in the middle of writing one. Whether I post it here remains to be seen.

Current Residence: New York, NY
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Operating System: Windows 10
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to list starting with Kimba

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UnrealFox Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
This is probably the lest appropriate place to ask but... firstly--how've you been man? Hopefully 2015's final quarter has been treating you well.

Secondly, which is actually the main point, since you seem to be a man with his thumb on the times... Did you actually see the MLP:Equestia Games movie? I ... actually thought it was probably the worst of the human horses series so far--but I'm kind of interested in your take on it since your viewpoints are much nicer, and better considered than my own.
HectorNY Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist
I've been doing well and holding my own, Right now preparing CD packages to send to various people for Christmas.

Yes, I did see the MLP: Equestria games Movie on youTube and as I see it, the trilogy in my opinion centers more towards Sunset Shimmer. The first shows her as a villainess, the second shows her redemption at its early stages and the third shows her fully redeemed. It's wasn't as good as the second movie but then again the concept of the human Twilight being a villainess through desperation as opposed to Sunset seeking power certainly made it interesting. Then I saw this Deviant by :iconrachidna: that had me thinking as well.

Dear Princess Twilight by Rachidna

This makes a very valuable point. If there is a human Twilight in this world Sunset's in, could it possible that there's another Sunset as well? And since there is going to be a Season 6, I won't be surprised if Sunset somewhere down the line returns to Equestria and joins the others to turn the Mane 6 into the Mane 7.
UnrealFox Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
I'm actually fairly certain that I was the one the introduced the idea of other Sunset to Rachidna way back during the 1st Equestia Girls movie. Since, at the time, I had no real interest in the series. I pretty much only got interested in MLP about a month before EG2 came out--to which I was bingeing on the series like I was pounding waters for a drug test. Loosely speaking, the Human world is just a reflection of Equestira--only the roles, positions and associations of each individual is somehow skewed, literally making the analogous comparison to the mirror to just be more a portal than anything special... The comics explain the hell out of all that too, especially with Celestia and her tryst. But yes, there must be a human Sunset somewhere wandering the world--or was... I originally pitched the idea to Rach that I... sort of believe that Sunset, being perfectly capable and determined to last in this world--would have wasted no time neutralizing Other Sunset the moment the entered. It's literally been revealed that people that cross over, are wearing the shit that their Other appearances are wearing and there's no distinction between human others and pony others--therefore Sunset had to have located and dealt with Other Sunset quickly, later to just realize that her magic is practically completely nullified here. ( To which the Sirens, who were previously banished by Star Swirl, also were having issues harvesting magic but--they figured it out ) Also the reason I state that pony Sunset had to have encountered and dispatched other Sunset is because 1. in the comics, it shows other Sunset peering through the mirror and 2. Pony Twilight and Human Twilight didn't cause some odd rift, or chain explosion when they met--meaning that Other Sunset should have statistically appeared by now.

Unless she's dead. :D See, I said my viewpoints were always screwed up.

But I would enjoy seeing Sunset return to Equestira... Just, they would have to properly explain the how, and why... Since well... if by my reasoning--human Sunset is dead. Meaning that there would be no 'friend' that could flip-flop places to join the human girls or even take the place of pony sunset in Equestira.

Although onto your thing. I kind of think it would be accurate to consider the EG movies would be about Sunset if they actually focused on her a bit more--Twilight, regardless of being the real one or not, pretty much is the lead role no matter what. EG3 just had her slightly dumber and more door mat like than usual, but she was still the coining character of the whole ordeal. All the major decisions rested on her. Even in EG2, Sunset was a minor part of it all while Twilight slapped herself purple trying to come up with a solution--only for no real solution to be necessary other than--kick it with friends :D

But to the point. I'm glad you saw some good in EG3, I thought it was pure wtf. Because come on--she clearly had a magic jacking locket... anyone that's ever read a comic knows to put shit down when it starts attacking people all by itself.
HectorNY Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist
Your assumption about whether another Sunset would make sense but at the same time would be haunting the current Sunset if she had done any foul play to dispatch on the other Sunset.

We have to remember that Equestrian Magic would be unusual in that human world. So I can understand the minor characters being clueless about it. Even the human Twilight was creeped out when her Spike started talking. And when she was being consumed by the magic in that locket, she was even struggling to escape.

Right now Sunset has become the EG version of what Twilight is in Equestria. Some even question on whether Sunset would be an Alicorn if she went back to Equestria. But if Sunset has an element, it would be Forgiveness. She has learned from her mistakes and has seen both sides of the "Mirror".
(1 Reply)
Hokins000 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Student Writer
Hey Hector, have you watched anything more about Undertale?
HectorNY Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist
I just saw a video that shows the true ending. It looks as if I misunderstood about Flowey.
Hokins000 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Student Writer
Yeah... Which makes me want to ask you... about Asgore, Asriel... and, do you think Asgore and Toriel will be together again?
HectorNY Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist
At least the reasons for Asriel. It's obvious that he's more of a frightened child than a great threat. As Asgore and Toriel, it may take a while for them to settle their differences, but if the player chose to stay, they may be able to reconcile.
(1 Reply)
HectorNY Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist
I have seen some alternate walkthroughs of the story and I do agree about one thing. I don't like that flower. And Papyrus' puns are such groaners.
Hokins000 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Student Writer

I think thats a rock.

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